Wildcats practice at Memorial Stadium


By Tony Burns

Sports Editor

Wet weather pushed El Dorado’s Monday practice from the high school to Memorial Stadium. Coach Scott Reed felt the trip did the defense some good in the first practice with shoulder pads.

“We got good work in. Defensively, we were really good today, I thought,” said Reed. “We were physical. The first day, really, in pads, I thought the defense moved really well. In the dodge ‘em and one-on-one tackling drill, they looked good. The (defensive backs) did a good job in that.

“I thought the linebackers looked pretty good today. Our linebacking group with Mon-Trae and Delphin and Rucks and outside guys like Caleb and Jamarious Jr., I saw some things today I wanted to see. They covered a lot of ground. Just for an overall view, the defense looked really good today.”

When one side of the ball does well, that doesn’t bode well for the other side.

“Offensively, there were a couple times we made mistakes with the ball we don’t normally make. We lined up wrong. But, I think the defense had a lot to do with that and took the offense out of their game a little bit,” Reed said.

“The offense had a good first week. But, today, the defense was really good. I was glad to see what I saw defensively, today.”

The Wildcats went over special teams, ending the day with punt and kickoff coverage along with some conditioning work.

“(Greysen) Hubbard kicked the ball well on field goals,” said Reed, who said the team adjusted well to the first day of contact drills.

“We did all the hitting bags and all of that. All of a sudden we hit each other, I know there were some guys that came to the top. I thought Richard Kesee had a better day offensively than he had in the first week. That was good to see. But, overall, defensively, a lot of guys did.”

El Dorado will turn up the contact today with a scrimmage at the stadium.

Reed said the team should hit the field at approximately 5:30 p.m.

“(Today) will be a scrimmage day. We’ll scrimmage for about an hour,” he said.

“We plan to get a lot of team reps on film in a scrimmage situation. We’re ready for that. I challenged the defense at the end of practice to do it again. I want to see them do that every day.”

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