Letter to the Editor 8-8

To The Editor

I notice the photographs from the past that you publish everyday. One in particular was the grocery store in the El Dorado Shopping Center. That was the A&P food store. The advertisement of plaid stamps. I remember my Mother getting the plaid stamps to make purchases. There was also S&H green stamps and Top Value stamps. My parents were regular customers at A&P. Each Saturday we would go to town to do our grocery shopping. A ten dollar bill when I was a small child would cover your whole grocery bill. In the photograph I noticed some familiar people. County Judge Dewey Tarver Former Mayor Roy Goudy Sheriff O.E.Bishop and O.C. Bailey. Somebody said Colonel Thomas Barton was in the photograph. Those were the days that I wish would return but have gone by. In later years Brookshires bought out A&P. Today the shopping center remains.

Donald L. Putman

El Dorado