Letters to the Editor 8-01


Lion's Club Golf Course

To the Editor:

We want to thank all of the El Dorado Lion’s Club Golf Course supporters who made our recent tournament a success. A special thank you to Danny Carelock, Teri McCaskill, Butch Lewis, and the Maintenance Crew that have worked long hours in order to get the course in the best shape that it’s ever been. Our sponsors for the tournament were fantastic in supporting us. Special thanks to Terminix for furnishing our food. Our other great sponsors were Teague Ford/Lincoln, Trotter Auto, JPS Equipment Rental, Ken Goudy, Bob Risor, Hepco, JR’s Paint & Body Shop, Don Howard, Southern Bancorp, Rexel, Pam and Howard Bradley, Wal-Mart, Cook’s Body Shop, City of El Dorado, and Nexan Amercable. We appreciate all of you and hope that everyone that hasn’t been to the golf course lately will come play. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Lion’s Club Golf Association Board

Concerned citizen

To the Editor:

I am so conceded about our country. People we need to ask God’s guidance. God cares for us and will keep us if we humble ourselves and live for him. God made us a wonderful world. I am on my front porch, it is so peaceful and quite. I am looking at all the tall pines, green grass, blue skies, sun;s out, maybe hot but we have fun provided with air conditioning.

Its fun to watch the birds feed. If there is no feed, the birds fly up where I can see them and get seed in the feeders. Inf act the birds fly on the carport where I am sitting. God gave me a boxer mix dog to love me. He was two months old when my husband got him. We were at a sale on northwest ave.

Next door was a cage with 13 puppies. I had just lost my dogs, who were 14 years old. Was getting no more hurt too bad to care for them. My boxer comes up front of the cage and looked at me. All the others were in the back of the cage. Sparky picked me.

I lost my husband in 2012 and I tell Sparky God made him for me. God made us things to love us. I can’t see how folks can be cruel to animals. They are loving and faithful to us.

It looks like people could see Trump is trying to help our country. It looks like we are being destroyed from within. I can’t believe some people love our country or they’d do different. I don’t have my child. He was killed in a wreck but I think of other children. I am old. In fact 84 years old. I grew up in a better time. Had to work in the field. We were not rich but I always had food and clothes, had loving parents. People had time for each other. We need to get back to the basics. Pepole worked hard but always had time to attend God’s house. My grandparents tried just below lived just below Rhodes Methodist Church. Preachers always were used to coming down for lunch when revival meetings were held, evangelist stayed at mom and pop’s house. A week or so good times. Jesus will have a table spread for us and a beautiful mansion if we lived for him.

I did not always think like i do now. It’s sad to think about living a long life and not doing things to make our savior pleased. I want to hear “well done” when I meet Jesus. All who pray, put me on your list that I live the rest of my time doing things to please God. I am thankful I have health so I can care for myself. I visit folks at home that cannot do this. Make me talk to God and praise him for his love and care.

Another think I want to mention is our town is going to be beautiful thanks to all who are doing this work. I also enjoy the photos that are being published from time past. Time here is short. Try to be happy while were here. Our God first. Everything else will fall in to place.

Bobbie Wilson

El Dorado

P.S. I’d like to tell about my neighbors. Richard and Patty Perry. Every morning and evening when they pass my house, I hear that horn blow. I look forward to this. I am alone and sit on the carport slate to be working at 84, I think I have the right to rest some.